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Fulda Gap 2011 was a GREAT SUCCESS with record numbers! Start planning for next year by visiting the game page at:!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does getting hit with a paintball or airsoft bb hurt?
This is a very common question and the answer is - it depends! Being hit with a paintball or an airsoft bb, to some, feels like getting snapped with a rubber band. Many factors influence how it feels to be hit, including choice of clothing, distance, marker speed. Our field chronographs all markers to operate under 280 feet per second and we watch closely to keep close shots from happening. All games are supervised by a trained referee to help keep players safe. Back to top of page>>>

Does the paint stain?
The brands of paintballs we use at Command Decisions generally do not stain clothes, but there may be some fabrics that are harder to clean than others. We always recommend that players wash their clothes immediately upon arrival home to keep staining from happening. We also recommend that players were clothes which they do not mind getting dirty while playing. Back to top of page>>>

When can we play?
The field is open only on Saturdays from 9am until 5pm. Groups of 20 people or more may schedule for days other than Saturday . We request one week notice to ensure adequate staffing.

How old do you need to be to play?
At Command Decisions Wargames Center you must be at least 12 years or older to play, and players under 18 must have a parent or guardian signature, along with the player's signature on their liability waiver. Back to top of page>>>

Is it safe?
Paintball, as a sport, has fallen victim to bad press and misbeliefs. Can paintball be dangerous? Absolutely—but what most people don’t realize is that the gross majority of paintball-related inju-ries occur in unsupervised settings such as backyards, or homes. At Command Decisions we pride our-selves in our safety protocols. All players are given a safety briefing and are supervised at all times by our trained referees. We require and monitor the use of gun chronographs, barrel blocking sleeves, and safety masks/goggles. We like fun, but we love injury-free. We do not tolerate rule breaking or dangerous behavior. Players who violate the rules will be given a one-time warning. The second warning will result in the player being removed from the game, and any further violations will result in expulsion from the field. Back to top of page>>>

What should I wear?
See our What to Wear page. Camouflage works best if you have it, but if you don't the outdoor colder clothing works great. Comfortable footwear is encouraged,as you will be doing a lot of walking and/or running during a session. Our field has very diverse terrain - from flat, to uphill, to creek crossings, from grass to dirt, and sometimes mud! Also, wear something you don't mind getting dirty in. Remember to wear long pants & long sleeves as you
will be playing in the woods. We do our best to maintain a bee/wasp/poison ivy free field but mother nature doesn't always cooperate with us. Back to top of page>>>

How long does each game last?
Each game usually lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes,
depending on the game & the amount of players present. The amount of games is up to
the group you are with, but we try to give you as many games possible while you are at the field. Turn around
games will allow groups to play more games in a session rather than groups who take
breaks after each game. The referee is there to help coordinate play and to help schedule group breaks. Of course, during our big scenario events - play goes one while players take individual breaks.  Back to top of page>>>

Can I bring my own paintballs?
Unless it is a big scenario event (Gen Kill, Vietnam Patrol, or Fulda Gap) then yes. Scenario events are field paint only events. Weekly open play does permit you to bring your own paintballs. However, just a little fact about paint - quality matters and the big box stores (WalMart, Dick's) do not have quality paint. They buy in bulk, hold the paint in warehouses that are not climate controlled, do not rotate stock, and often have paintballs that stain clothes. We HIGHLY recommend you wait to purchase your paintballs from us or another field who sells good, quality paintballs. Oval shaped, dimpled paint, or broken paint does not fly straight...and you will notice more frustration with big box brands than our brands. We sell paintballs for $10.00 per bag of 500 (competitive with Walmart). Midgrade and Tournament grade paints may also be available for purchase depending on time of year. Back to top of page>>>

STORE YOUR PAINTBALLS WISELY! Cold + paintballs = a frustrating, significant mess.

What type of paint marker are the rentals?
We rent Tippmann 98 customs, top of the line in rental guns in our opinion. They are reliable and easy to use. Upgraded paintball markers are not available at our field. Back to top of page>>>

Should I buy a paintball marker before I play?
We recommend you rent first and play the game before you make any decision as to
which gun you may want. If you don't play often, it would probably be better to just rent. If you do plan to play, even if not that often, we advise purchasing your own paintball mask. Rental masks are kind of like bowling shoes...we clean them each time they are used, but investing $20 in your own mask may be a more favorable option for you. We are happy to help you figure out what kind of marker would best suit your needs and style of play. We are an Authorized Tippmann Dealer and generally make a rule of price matching/beating local stores. Back to top of page>>>

How many paintballs will I go through in a session?
It's hard to say without knowing how aggressive you are going to play. Some players
can make 100 balls last the entire session and others can't even get through a 15
min game. The average for a day of play is about 1 bag (500 balls) per player. When scheduling a group, we generally estimate that the group will see each player use between 500 and 1000 balls. Back to top of page>>>

How much does it cost?
Check out our paintball costs page for all the details. Group pricing is also available for groups of 10 people or more.

What needs to be done before we can play?
Waivers, rules,chronographing, etc:
All players will have to complete a field liability waver form before play.
Players under 18 will have to have an accompanying adult parent or guardian
signature on their form. After signing in with their waivers, all players will be required to shoot their markers over the chronograph range. All guns are checked to comply with the field speed limit of 280 fps.After that, all players will have a safety briefing of the paintball field's rules. Breaking these rules will result in players being asked
to leave the field of play either temporarily or for the rest of the day,depending on the offense. We take safety extremely seriously here, even more than the fun we provide players.Back to top of page>>>

Private groups or walk on?
For private groups of (10 or more) you must make reservations at least 1 week in advance of the date of the party.
Walk on's, open games/general admission is available each weekend (unless noted otherwise on the schedule). Don't be scared to come out by yourself or with a group of friends. We will help to sort you into equal teams. Back to top of page>>>

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account?
YES! Click either of these links to find us on Facebook or Twitter!
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Do you have a mailing list for updates on field events?
Yes, we use Constant  Contact to stay in contact with our customers and send out information on our field events. Feel free to subscribe by clicking here:

Do you open during the week or are you just open on Saturdays?
Command Decisions Wargames is open for play on Saturdays. We will open for groups of 20 or more people who schedule for either a weekday or Sunday, but reservations (based on field availability) must be placed with a minimum of one week's notice. Call the field for information.
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