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Fulda Gap 2011 was a GREAT SUCCESS with record numbers! Start planning for next year by visiting the game page at:!


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What to Wear

Be Fashion Fabulous!

Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames CenterCamouflage clothing works best, if you have it, but if you don't the outdoor colder clothing works great.

Also, wear something you don't mind getting dirty in. Remember to wear long pants & long sleeves as you  will be playing in the woods. We do our best to maintain a bee/wasp/poison ivy free field but mother nature doesn't always cooperate with us.




Head to Toe

Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames CenterWe also have found that players do best with some type of head cover - either a baseball cap turned backwards, a beanie, or a bandana. They will cover and protect the head from branches and paintballs! Players may also wish to bring some type of hand coverage - garden gloves with the fingers cut off on the trigger finger, baseball or golf gloves work as well. We do sell this equipment in the store but it's not always necessary to purchase these items if you have something at home with which you can improvise. We also sell neck protector bands but buttoned up collared shirts or turtlenecks perform the same function of protection.

We will not allow players out on the field in sandals, flip flops or bare feet. Comfortable footwear is encouraged,as you will be doing a lot of walking and/or running during a session. Our field has very diverse terrain - from flat, to uphill, to creek crossings, from grass to dirt, and sometimes mud!

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