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Fulda Gap 2011 was a GREAT SUCCESS with record numbers! Start planning for next year by visiting the game page at:!


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Fulda Gap

Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames CenterOne of the largest paintball/airsoft events in the Southeast

"Best paintball game for the buck"...what a compliment. This year airsoft Fulda event on October 16 & 17 had 537 attendees! Coming less close to the National record! Nearly 1200 people will attend the paintball event on November 5 - 7. We are excited!

FULDA GAP 101: Survival Registration and Check in Tips CLICK HERE!



Fulda Gap!

Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames CenterIf you haven't come to experience Fulda Gap - this is definitely the year NOT to miss. Fulda Gap ranked in the TOP 8 MUST ATTEND EVENTS this year (according to Paintball 3X) and got a full spread in Action Pursuit Games' March 2010 issue! You've seen our tanks at D-Day Oklahoma, in the national paintball publications, and many of our neighboring events - come battle alongside or against them on the field! We welcome teams to come and use this exercise as a way to prove and refine their skills! Both food and product vendors will be on site, and camping areas will be available (sorry, no RV hookups). Our field is approximately 20 minutes away from Hickory, North Carolina which has numerous hotels - should you so choose. Keep checking back as we will continue to make updates to the registration information, vendors, rules, commanders & units, etc., as we close in on the event.

Got a question? Are you a vendor wanting to participate in this event? Email us at:

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