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Fulda Gap 2011 was a GREAT SUCCESS with record numbers! Start planning for next year by visiting the game page at:!


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About Airsoft at CDWC

Airsoft: Not just for shooting squirrels anymore!

Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames Center

The sport of airsoft is gaining a great deal of popularity. In the past, CDWC has provided a few select events as venues for the sport and at each event, each year, the participation rates grow nearly exponentially.

Command Decisions, along with NC AIRSOFT, have worked to make the events at CDWC what they are. At Fulda Gap 2010, nearly 575 airsofters came to the weekend event to participate. The game has continued to grow each year and has been publicized in both local, state, and international sporting magazines. We follow the rule set established by NC Airsoft. For more information about the sport, including access the rule set, forums, and for sale by owners, we encourage participants to check out

Airsoft Rules

Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames CenterThe field rules that are emphatically enforced prior to participations are:

  1. Players MUST be age 12 and older.
  2. All players must have a liability waiver completed and on file. Those players who are under age 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent/legal guardian.
  3. Players under the age of 18 MUST wear full face protection (paintball mask is preferred, shemaghs and goggles do not qualify as full face protection for underage participants).
  4. All eye protection must be FULL SEAL goggles for ALL participants.
  5. All guns must be chronographed prior to field entry
  6. A referee must accompany players on the field at all times.
  7. Players are also expected to have read and to understand the general field safety rules.

Weekend play opportunities for airsoft is restricted to scheduled groups at this time. If there is a group of 20 or more players who wish to organize an event and get it scheduled, we ask that you call the field at (828) 495-4155 to determine availability and place the reservation. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Reservations do not require a deposit. As a courtesy, we do request that cancellations be made with 24 hour notice, when and if possible. The very small field store does not have rentals or airsoft supplies available, so players must be fully equipped with bb's and gear prior to their arrival at the field. The store does carry batteries, masks, drinks, and snacks.

Our season schedule, including paintball and airsoft events, is maintained on the website and updated regularly. Check out the schedule for one of our upcoming big events like Vietnam Patrol in May, Fulda Gap in October, and the charity game Grinch versus Santa in December!

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