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Paintball & Airsoft General Rules


Paintball Airsoft Scenario field North Carolina NC Command Decisions Wargames CenterAll players must read and agree to follow all player safety rules, field safety guidelines, and sign the waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement prior to participation in any paintball activities without exception. Any violation of the safety rules will result in mandatory ejection from the field and/or premises.

Certain games may have rules specific to that scenario, but below are the field's general safety rules.




General Field Rules

  1. SAFETY GOGGLES must be worn by anyone in the playing field and chronograph/target range at all time.  Only ASTM Goggle systems specifically approved for paintball that provide full face and ear protection, or full seal ASTM goggles for airsoft are allowed. Airsoft players under the age of 18 must wear full face protection. Modifications to goggles are strictly prohibited.

  2. INJURIES, either from accidents or from play or dangers as found on the property must be reported to staff immediately. The staff has been trained in first aid and takes your safety seriously.

  3. NO SHOOTING in any areas other than the designated playing field and/or target range.  No shooting into or out of the registration area, neutral zones or parking areas.  Markers may only be discharged on the active field of play or target range. No shooting at wildlife, dumpsters, automobiles, porta-johns, etc. Blind shooting, that is shooting your marker without having a visual on your impact, is prohibited.

  4. ALL MARKERS MUST BE CHRONOGRAPHED at 280 Feet per Second maximum (paintball) and 400 Feet per second (airsoft) and checked by a referee or staff member before play. Your marker may be checked at random during the course of the day, even during play. There is a 13 ball per second limit for paintball.

  5. JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Players or spectators will not be allowed to argue with the referees or staff under any circumstances. Interfering with the ref or staff duties will result in expulsions.

  6. BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES (barrel sleeves or socks only) must be installed at all times anywhere on the property other than the designated playing field and target range.  Barrel blocking devices must be specifically designed and manufactured for paintball markers. We do not allow barrel plugs on this field.

  7. NO CLIMBING of trees, vehicles, or any structure 4’ or higher.  Castles, forts, or towers must be clearly marked in the field of play and meet our safety guidelines. No jumping from towers or any structure.

  8. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT, with the exception of barrel tags or assistance to players. Fighting or any aggressive physical contact will result in law enforcement being called. Allow players within 20 feet the opportunity to call themselves out to avoid close shots. Physical contact with bunkers equates to a barrel tag for those inside.

  9. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS are allowed on the premises.  Anyone engaging in these activities or who is impaired will be ejected from the field.  Repeat violators will be banned from the facility permanently. Law enforcement may be called.

  10. NO VERBAL ABUSE, profanity, name-calling, or slurs against anyone’s race, religion, sex, creed, disability, national origin, or family members and friends will be tolerated. Cheating, overshooting or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will result in your expulsion.

  11. NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT or potentially dangerous gear is allowed.  All firearms, knives, machetes, explosives, flares, pyrotechnics, fill stations, etc. are strictly prohibited.  There will be no filling of CO2 or high pressure tanks by anyone but trained staff. The field operator must approve all non-standard equipment allowed on the premises, including launchers, mines, etc.

  12. MODIFICATIONS ARE PROHIBITED Players are not allowed to modify safety goggles, rental markers, bunkers, or any property on the premises. Doing so constitutes vandalism and will be treated as such.

  13. SPECTATORS must complete waivers prior to entering the field and are required to wear safety goggles unless they remain a minimum of ten feet behind the safety netting at all times.  Spectators are also expected to abide by the safe safety rules as any other player.

  14. PERSONAL PROPERTY is the exclusive responsibility of players, guests and spectators. CDWC assumes no liability for lost, missing, damaged or stolen items.

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